New Chess Videos for March 30 – April 3

Monday, March 30 IM Valeri Lilov Key Principles – Part I (strategy, middlegame)
What are the key principles we need to follow during a chess game? How to make sure they work to our advantage? Check out IM Lilov’s new video to learn more!

Tuesday, March 31 IM Bill Paschall My Best Hits, Part 4 (openings, tactics)
IM Paschall reviews a win with white playing 1.e4 against a strong GM. Paschall varies from his usual repertoire in order to play against his own favorite variation of the Sicilian. This video shows the advantage of understanding the inherent weaknesses of your own defenses and being able to play practically to put your opponent in an uncomfortable situation.

Wednesday, April 1 IM David Vigorito Surviving a Glitch (tactics)
This game has many layers. My opponent plays a passive opening and I gradually gain the upper hand. it only takes one moment of relaxation though (where I foolishly play for a trap) to give my opponent a chance to steal the game. when he hesitates I am able to quickly shift gears and go from material up to material down in order to reestablish dominance.

Thursday, April 2 GM Leonid Kritz Top Grandmaster with an Amateur Opening Preparation (openings)
This game is interesting for two reasons. First, for players who do not know theory in depth this game represents an interesting battle in itself. Second, it does not happen too often that a 2800 grandmaster loses because he simply does not know theory and his opponent has to find no single move at board. The line with 14….Ng4 is mentioned in commentaries to one of G. Kasparow’s games, but as is evident from this game this line is not playable. Well, it is not enough to read comments to play against Anand…

Friday, April 3 GM Bryan Smith Rubinstein’s Great Endgames, Part 8 (endgame)
In this final video of Bryan Smith’s series on the endgames of Akiba Rubinstein, we see a wonderful display of classical positional themes in Rubinstein’s victory against Richard Reti.