New Chess Videos for April 28 – May 2

Monday, April 28 IM Valeri Lilov London System by Blackburne (strategy, middlegame)
Joseph Blackburne (also nicknamed “The Black Death”) was a leading 19th century chess player who became legendary for his wide-open and highly tactical style of play. His openings were often new and hard to prepare against. In one of these games, Blackburne found his next prey by using the London System as white!

Tuesday, April 29 GM Eugene Perelshteyn A Common Trap in the Accelerated Dragon (opening traps, tactics)
White plays an unusual combination of Be2 and Qd2 against the Accelerated Dragon and gets duly punished by a clever knight recapture in the center. White loses a pawn for some initiative, but with clever …Qh3! idea Black stops the h-pawn run and eventually converts the extra pawn. Try to find the spectacular Middlegame tactic that was missed by both sides!

Wednesday, April 30 FM Dennis Monokroussos Queen’s Gambit & Friends, Part 8: A New Gambit in the Slav (opening)
19th century favorites like the King’s Gambit and the Evans Gambit aren’t very popular nowadays, but new gambits have sprung up to take their place, even in the quietest of openings. Our show this week illustrates this with an almost brand-new pawn sac in the Slav that offers Black compensation and play across the entire board.

Thursday, May 1  GM Leonid Kritz A Terrific Blunder from an Ex-World Champion (opening, strategy)

Friday, May 2  IM Bill Paschall Candidates 2014:  Grudge Match (opening, middlegame)

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