New Chess Videos for August 29 – September 2

Monday, August 29 IM Valeri Lilov Pawn Structure and Plan (middlegame)
What is the key to a successful plan? While there are many things that matter when it comes down to executing a successful plan, the major component which we need is a solid pawn structure. If you can set the right pawn formation, you will be on your way to a successful attack in no time!

Tuesday, August 30 IM Bill Paschall Avoiding the Berlin Defense : Classic Games, Part 2 (openings, tactics)
Steinitz originates a new plan whereby white delays castling and maneuvers his forces to the kingside area with 6.Nbd2 and 7.Nf1. White then attempts to take advantage of the fact that he has not castled kingside, by launching an attack on that flank. Chigorin attempts to counter in the center, when he should have, in fact, shored up his defenses on the kingside. This game would no doubt influence countless future players, including even Fischer.

Wednesday, August 31 FM Dennis Monokroussos  The/A Polish Immortal (tactics)
There are two main candidates for the “Polish Immortal”: this game and Rotlewi-Rubinstein, which is often referred to as Rubinstein’s Immortal Game. Both are spectacular, and as the latter game is well-known it’s worth having a look at the former. Glucksberg plays with fire on move 9, inviting a sham sac in the hopes of catching out his then relatively unknown opponent. (Najdorf would go on to be one of the strongest players in the world from the 1940s through the 1960s.) It didn’t work at all, except insofar as it gave him the sort of “immortality” enjoyed by players like Kieseritzky, Dufresne, and other victims of so-called immortal games. Najdorf’s attack was beautiful, and remarkably involved the sacrifice of all four of his minor pieces. Have a look, and enjoy.

Thursday, September 1 GM Leonid Kritz Rehearsal for a World Championship Match (openings, tactics)
This is a must-see exemplar. Carlsen vs. Karjakin in the current situation is a show in itself, because they are preparing to face each other for the world title in November. Besides, the game was very interesting. Carlsen, as usual, messed up a little bit in the opening, but once offered a chance to come back, he used it with no further chances for Karjakin.

Friday, September 2 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Student Game Analysis: Importance of Pawn Structure and Pieces Left on the Board (strategy)
We all know the famous saying of Philidor, “The pawn is the soul of the chess game.” However, pawn structure is the vital skeleton that defines the position. Understanding pawn structures is key to chess mastery. Watch and learn how Eugene’s student plays great chess only to fall apart in just a few moves because he didn’t pay attention to the pawn structure and the resulting minor pieces on the board.