New Chess Videos for September 5 – 9

Monday, September 5 IM Valeri Lilov Key to Swift Attacks (middlegame)
Many players want to know how to attack successful and fast. The secret to attacking the opponent effectively lies within the ability to set the right piece formation and knowing how to plan the pacing. Learn more in this lecture!

Tuesday, September 6 IM Bill Paschall Avoiding the Berlin Defense : Classic Games, Part 3 (opening)
Chigorin employs the unusual plan of an early exchange on c6 with 5.Bxc6. Black could play safely with 5…bc , when it would be equal for black, as it is too dangerous to win the black pawn at e5. The game goes down a fascinating path, with the pawn sacrifice giving Mortimer adequate compensation in a complicated position. Black however missed his best chances and finally sacrifices the exchange for insufficient compensation. This was an interesting and classic game with chances for both sides.

Wednesday, September 7 FM Dennis Monokroussos Deciding the World Championship, Part 1 (middlegame)
One of the most closely contested world championship matches in chess history was the 1910 battle between Emanuel Lasker and Carl Schlechter. With one game to go, Schlechter, the challenger, led by a point. There’s some dispute over whether he needed to win by two points to take the title, though the current consensus is that a one-point lead would have sufficed. Even if a two-point lead was necessary, however, keeping the title by losing the match by a point would still have been a public relations disaster for Lasker, and he fought majestically for a win in the final game. In part 1 we’ll see how he managed to achieve a winning position with superior play in the early middlegame, only to see Schlechter outplay him in the later middlegame to throw everything into doubt.

Thursday, September 8 GM Leonid Kritz How Not To Play the Berlin Wall (endgame)
This is a good example how Black should not play Berlin Wall. Giri allowed his opponent to get everything possible and got into an endgame without any kind of counterplay – a nightmare for a Berlin player. The final position truly deserves a picture!

Friday, September 9 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Student Game Analysis: Trouble in the Accelerated Dragon (openings, strategy, endgame)
If you play the Accelerated Dragon, this is a must-see video! Eugene analyzes his student’s game where Black makes a mistake in a critical position. Do you understand statics vs. dynamics? Will you make the same mistake? Watch and learn!