New Chess Videos for February 3 – February 7

IM Valeri Lilov February 3 The Power of Coordination III (Intermediate, Strategy, Middlegame)
In this third installment of the “Power of Coordination” series, IM Valeri Lilov takes on a powerful example from the legacy of the great Boris Spassky. The connection between opening and middlegame and the ability to keep good coordination at all stages of the game is always a challenge. Learn on how the great Spassky does that in a brilliant fashion.

IM Bill Paschall February 4 Aronian Gets Creative at the World Team Championship (Intermediate, Opening, Tactics)

FM Dennis Monokroussos February 5 Poking At Weaknesses (Intermediate, Opening, Tactics)
This time we look at a second win by Leonid Stein, against no less a player than the great Tigran Petrosian, who became world champion just two years after this brutal defeat. Petrosian played a somewhat passive line of the French Winawer, creating some potential long-term weaknesses on the kingside – if only White can get to them. Stein seemed to making slow progress, but if he hadn’t had the mental flexibility to use the whole board he may not have succeeded. By striking a blow on the opposite flank he created enough extra strain on Black’s position to force its quick collapse.

GM Bryan Smith February 6 My Final GM Norm, Part 4 (Intermediate, Strategy, Middlegame)
In the penultimate round of the Michigan Fall Festival, Bryan Smith more-or-less secured the final GM norm by holding a draw with GM Alexander Ipatov in a tough positional game as black in the Nimzo-Indian. This game might not contain a lot of fireworks, but shows a tough battle in a crucial competitive situation.

IM David Vigorito February 7 A Slow Game Heats Up (Intermediate, Middlegame, Strategy)

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