New Chess Videos for July 11 – 15

Monday, July 11 IM Valeri Lilov Anand’s Attacking Concepts (middlegame)
Vishy Anand has been one of the greatest chess players and brilliant attackers for the last few decades. What concepts does he use in his games to succeed? Check IM Lilov’s video to find out!

Tuesday, July 12 IM Bill Paschall My Chess Comeback 2016! part 2 (opening, strategy)

Wednesday, July 13 FM Dennis Monokroussos Korchnoi and the Art of Defense, Part 1 (tactics)
Mikhail Tal is one of the all-time great attacking players, but in Viktor Korchnoi he met his kryptonite. Korchnoi was a player who could not be bluffed, and he was a match for Tal (and maybe then some) when it came to calculation. He loved to accept sacrifices offered in the interest of an attack, and he would often hunker down, rebuff the attack, and win with his extra material. That’s just the formula he follows in this game, and we will see Korchnoi demonstrate a number of important defensive principles along the way to a convincing win.

Thursday, July 14 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Instructive Use of the e5 Outpost in the French (opening, strategy)
Everyone knows about the “French” bishop and the backward e6-pawn. However, it is often the control of the e5-outpost that is most unpleasant for a French player. Watch how Eugene uses this outpost first with his knight, but then the rook simply replaces it! The Exchange sacrifice causes so many practical issues for Black that she falls apart in just a few moves. A classic Exchange sac for positional domination!

Friday, July 15 GM Bryan Smith Exploring Rook Endings, Part 1: Smyslov-Benko (endgame)
The first of a new series by GM Smith on rook endings – here we will see how the seventh World Champion transforms a basic positional advantage in the rook ending, through many pawn exchanges, to simplified winning endgame where the silhouettes of the original advantage can still be seen.