New Chess Videos for June 16 – June 20

Monday, June 16 IM Valeri Lilov   Botvinnik’s Powerplay  (strategy, middlegame)
The Powerplay is a concept in chess suggesting the solid combination between pawns and pieces, while they increase pressure against the opponent. While the technique is not very easy to apply, practicing it can help you develop strong habits which certainly matter in practical chess. In this video, you will witness one of the greatest world champions, Mikhail Botvinnik and his delicate way of using Powerplay to smash his opponent effectively!

Tuesday, June 17 IM Bill Paschall A Look at the US Championship 2014: Part 1 (strategy, endgame)

Wednesday, June 18 FM Dennis Monokroussos Meeting the King’s Indian Attack with a French Flair (tactics, openings)
There are many ways French players can meet the King’s Indian Attack, but the approach I will demonstrate in this game might be as new to you as it was to me until recently. New, and compelling! Even a very strong GM like Ehlvest was worse with White in just a dozen moves and lost badly to a considerably lower-rated player in only 26 moves. Two further benefits: this approach can be used by 2…e6 Sicilian players, and for those who use the French the positions are reminiscent of those that can arise in the 3…Nf6 Tarrasch.

Thursday, June 19 GM Bryan Smith Fighting the Quiet D-Pawn Openings: The Torre Attack (strategy, endgame)
In the first of his three-part series on dealing with White’s quiet, non-theoretical d-pawn openings, GM Bryan Smith shows an interesting and dynamic system to deal with the Torre Attack. We also get to see a fantastic game by Vladimir Kramnik with an instructive positional piece sacrifice.

Friday, June 20 IM David Vigorito Trying Too Hard to Prove Your Point? (opening, tactics)
It is dangerous to “go your own way” in complicated theoretical variations. White plays a sideline and Black reacts in the sharpest way. When White tries to justify his play tactically, he gets hammered by a series of attractive tactical blows.

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