New Chess Videos for March 31 – April 4

Monday, March 31  IM Valeri Lilov Keys to a Successful Attack (Middlegame, Strategy)
Everybody loves attacking. There is no question about that. But what are the most relevant things we need to know about attacking? Check the keys to deliver smashing combinations against your opponent!

Tuesday, April 1 Bill Paschall Letting the Cat out of the Bag (Middlegame, Strategy)
IM Paschall faces the oldest of Nimzo-Indian Variations…the Samisch, whereby white quickly plays a3 to gain the bishop pair at the detriment of his pawn structure. Black plays a flawless game until a point; creating a textbook blockade position against the bishop pair and doubled pawns. Paschall missed the key chance to win a pawn and eliminate the opponents bishop pair as the game begins to open up. Just when all hope seems lost for white, the talented Petrisor finds his only chance! A brilliant knight sacrifice to open the black king; with chaos ensuing

Wednesday, April 2  Dennis Monokroussos The Queen’s Gambit and Friends. Part 4.  (Openings, Strategy)
By playing 3…Be7 in the Queen’s Gambit Black can avoid the potent plan we looked at in part 3, but it doesn’t mean that White is without resources after 4.cxd5 exd5 5.Bf4. Knaak pushes his g- and h-pawns, and Geller quickly wound up with a cramped position and an endangered king. This form of the Exchange Queen’s Gambit is also quite dangerous for Black!

Thursday, April 3  Eugene Perelshteyn The power of the Dark Square Bishop on the Long Diagonal (Middlegame, Strategy)
White plays a dubious line in the Trompowsy by giving up his dark square bishop and the long diagonal.  The result is a strategy victory by the g7 bishop that GM Gufeld would be proud of!  However, White doesn’t want to go down without a fight and after a series of tricky maneuvers Black has to resort to tactics to trap White’s queen.

Friday, April 4  David Vigorito Another Look at a King’s Indian Sideline (Middlegame)

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