New Chess Videos for May 26 – May 30

Monday, May 26 IM Valeri Lilov Positional Transformations (strategy, middlegame)
In many games, chess players from different levels find it rather difficult to convert an advantage in an easy way. For this reason, they tend to look for quick tactics that often result in unexpected complications and the advantage being lost in the process. The key to increasing our advantage lies in the ability to make correct exchanges and positional transformations at the right time. Check out IM Lilov’s suggestions on how you can use this technique like a master!

Tuesday, May 27 IM Bill Paschall Exploiting the Central Pawn Majority (middlegame, strategy)
The world champion achieves a preponderance of pawns in the center, after a successful opening, where Black plays the somewhat risky Cambridge Springs variation of the Queen’s Gambit. Carlsen gains huge control of the open central file and key central squares.  Black is completely paralyzed in the endgame and tries a desperate rook sacrifice to go for perpetual check. White marches his king and avoids the checks threatening unstoppable mate.

Wednesday, May 28 FM Dennis Monokroussos The Queen’s Gambit and Friends. Part 12: A Rare but Potent Way to Meet the Semi-Tarrasch (openings)
With this video we conclude our examination of the Semi-Tarrasch and our series on the Queen’s Gambit. In it we take a look at a game that starts off following the main line of the Semi-Tarrasch, but then Vassily Ivanchuk varies with the less known 11.Rc1, which is designed to impede Black’s queenside development. It’s a very interesting plan, and one which may also take Black players by surprise, used as they probably are to setups where White puts his rooks on d1 and e1. Beware, Semi-Tarrasch players!

Thursday, May 29 GM Bryan Smith The Best of Lone Pine 1979, Part 5 (opening, strategy)
In Part Five of the Lone Pine, 1979 series, GM Bryan Smith looks at GM Walter Browne’s win against Janez Barle. The theme of this sharp game is central counterattack.

Friday, May 30 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Remember the Center! (middlegame)
White plays an offbeat opening, Kopec system, in the Sicilian. Black reacts well, however he forgets about the center and gets overrun in just a few moves. The lesson: Remember the Center!

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