New Chess Videos for May 5 – May 9

Monday, May 5 IM Valeri Lilov Morphy’s Opening Initiative (Strategy, opening)
Paul Morphy was the first player ever to combine strong positional sense and fantastic tactical vision. One of Morphy’s greatest skills was to utilize opening initiative. In this lecture, IM Valeri Lilov presents the correct steps to help us get that initiative when our opponent chooses to break the rules.

Tuesday, May 6 IM David Vigorito Caught off Guard in the Opening (opening, tactics)
It is always unpleasant facing a player that one has worked with before. In this game my lackadaisical attitude on move 1 (!) allows my opponent to drag me into an opening I had not studied for years – the Modern Benoni.

Wednesday, May 7 FM Dennis Monokroussos The Queen’s Gambit and Friends. Part 9: Death by Double Blockade (opening)
When Black has an isolated pawn on d5, it’s very common to see White blockade with a piece on d4 (usually a knight). If Black’s b-pawn captures and moves to c6, then there’s a danger of a double blockade, on d4 _and_ c5. In this game we see how bad this can be, but also see that Black can put up a fight even when the double blockade is in place.

Thursday, May 8 IM Bill Paschall Candidates 2014: Aronian Crumbles(opening, endgame)
Aronian uses 2.g6 against the Trompowsky. Black manages to equalize after a strange sequence in the opening by both sides. Instead of forcing a drawn position by grabbing an exchange and defending, Aronian leaves white with an active queenside majority and his own bishop out of play. A masterful endgame, instructively played by the young Andreikin.

Friday, May 9 GM Eugene Perelshteyn The Principle of Two Weaknesses in Practice (middlegame, strategy)
In a seemingly equal position White finds a way to exploit slight weaknesses, first on the queenside and then on the kingside with a timely f5! break. Black sacrifices a pawn to get counterplay, however White continues the same strategy of distracting Black by giving up his extra pawn and breaking through on the kingside.

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