New Chess Videos for November 10-14

Monday, November 10 IM Valeri Lilov Positional Supremacy – Part I
Who wants to know how to play good positional chess? Many chess players are trying to learn the secrets of playing with a plan and improving their evaluation skills. The only way for us to learn the secrets of positional chess is by studying how the great masters do it and follow their ideas!

Tuesday, November 11 IM Bill Paschall A Tense Battle from Baku

Wednesday, November 12 FM Dennis Monokroussos Carlsen and the Cambridge Springs, Part 2: Carlsen Wins with White
Having pointed the way for Black in the Cambridge Springs in Part 1, now we see Magnus Carlsen put a fresh idea to work on White’s behalf in this later game. Thanks in part to the 11.Be2 finesse and to his managing to keep the c-file closed, White was able to build on the kingside without allowing his opponent any real counterplay. White kept control throughout the middlegame, and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov’s desperate bid for counterplay wasn’t enough to save the game.

Thursday, November 13 GM Leonid Kritz How to Convert a Minimal Advantage into A Full Point
A truly brilliant idea of Caruana to exchange his “good” bishop in 19. move is fascinating and may overturn the theory of this popular line in French. For a while it looks like Black is creating a dangerous attack against white king, but actually Black is almost helpless – White puts his pieces so that all threats are eliminated, and afterwards starts his own attack that he completes in few moves. One of the most interesting ideas I have seen during the last period!

Friday, November 14 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Learning Strategy and Prophylactic Thinking from the Best! Part 2: Learn from Dolmatov
Dvoretsky’s student Dolmatov shows us how to win a strategic battle in the most common e4-e5 pawn formation from the Ruy Lopez/Italian game. Dolmatov is one step ahead of his opponent due to the prophylactic thinking that he employs after every move. Pay attention to how he masterfully switches over to the Q-side and plays on the whole board!