New DVD Concise Alekhine Crushes by IM Bill Paschall

Concise Alekhine Crushes

by IM Bill Paschall

Concise Alekhine Crushes F  Recommended for Intermediate Players   More

 Presented by International Master Bill Paschall for

 Alexander Alekhine a Russian World Chess Champion is often considered one of the   greatest chess players ever. He became the fourth World Chess Champion by defeating José Raúl Capablanca, who was widely considered invincible. Alekhine is known for his fierce and imaginative attacking style, combined with great positional and endgame skill.

Here Bill shows us four of Alekhine’s stunning games.

Content:1 hour and 56 minutes of chess theory and discussion, with example games, over a series of 4 lectures.

ECO: D28, D66, D06, D05     PGN included

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IM Bill Paschall: currently resides in Budapest, Hungary. Bill was the Boylston Chess Club Champion 2002, finished 1st at the Foxwoods Open 2002, Two-Time New England Open Champion, and has defeated more than 20 IGM’s in tournament play. Bill has extensive experience training both adults and children privately and in the schools.


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