New Chess Videos for November 9 – 13

Monday, November 9 IM David Vigorito Anti-Theory Miniature (opening, tactics)
In this game I wanted to avoid theory against my young opponent, who had beaten a very strong GM earlier in the tournament. The Reti Opening/Anti-Slav was an experiment that led to a surprisingly quick win. Even in quiet openings one must always stay alert.

Tuesday, November 10 IM Bill Paschall Boris Spassky’s Spastacular Attacking Miniatures, Part 5 (strategy)
Spassky shows again why he is considered the ultimate proponent of the “Universal Style”. In this game we see Spassky playing brilliant strategic chess, culminating in a an unstoppable attack. Gurgenidze, also a strategic player, is completely lost for a plan as Spassky builds up his advantage. White plays brilliantly with his pawns and then uses the long diagonal a1-h8 and his space advantage just as Salo Flohr did in a similar structure in his feature series here at

Wednesday, November 11 FM Dennis Monokroussos An Old School Win By A New Star (opening)
An Old School Win By A New Star. Tags: Description: Most young players are great in tactics and specialize in attacking play, but there are occasional exceptions. Anatoly Karpov was one, Magnus Carlsen was another, and now Anish Giri is a third. He is a great technician, as Veselin Topalov had occasion to note. Topalov was in great form, reaching #2 in the world and winning the tournament, but in this, his one loss, Giri was clearly in charge. It’s an impressive display of technique, showing how to create problems with a strong knight against a bishop that’s not so much bad as irrelevant.

Thursday, November 12 GM Eugene Perelshteyn The Unknown Side of Young Kasparov:  Positional Masterpiece & Principle of Two Weaknesses!  Part 1 (strategy, endgame)
You may know Gary Kasparov as one of the greatest attacking players of all times. But how did the young Gary play? Watch and learn boring positional chess from the eighteen year old! Kasparov plays in the style of his coach, Mikhail Botvinnik and gives an excellent lesson on the principle of two weaknesses! In a seemingly equal positional he outplays a strong opponent and makes it look easy!

Friday, November 13 GM Leonid Kritz An Unforgettable World Cup Finals – Part 1 (opening, tactics)
This is the first game from the World Cup final 2015 between Svidler and Karjakin. A pretty long and slow strategic battle in the opening that flows into tactical complications after Svidler opens the position with 16.d4!? Interesting to see how White’s pieces take control over the entire board while Black is condemned to watch it happen.