New Chess Videos for October 10 -14

Monday, October 10 IM Valeri Lilov Play Against Unfamiliar Openings (strategy, openings)
How to handle unfamiliar openings? Most chess players find it difficult to tackle different opening systems that don’t fit the book lines they studied. Knowing how to play against the sidelines then becomes problematic and sometimes even frustrating. Check IM Lilov’s suggestions on what is key to play vs. any unfamiliar lines in the opening!

Tuesday, October 11 IM Bill Paschall Avoiding the Berlin Defense : Classic Games, Part 8 (openings, middlegame)
GM Torre chooses the sharper 4.Qe2 over our quiet 4.d3. Reshevsky reacts normally at first, with the solid d6 and Bd7, but then diverges from normal lines with the bizarre 7…Qe7. The position transposes into a situation which would normally be found in the King’s Indian defense as white closes the center with 8.d5 and 10.c4. The problem for black is twofold ; he has a relatively passive version of the King’s Indian , and he doesn’t play the King’s Indian! Reshevsky was a Nimzo-Indian expert and finds himself not really at home in this type of position. White plays very originally and aggressively with his plan to castle queenside and black’s play in this game is simply too routine.

Wednesday, October 12 FM Dennis Monokroussos Winning the World Junior Championship (endgame)
15-year-old U.S. Grandmaster Jeffery Xiong just won the World Junior Championship (for players under 20!), and did so convincingly. In today’s game we see the game that clinched the title with a round to spare, a game with good (but not quite perfect) play in the late opening and early middlegame followed by outstanding play in the remainder. Xiong did a terrific job of keeping his opponent’s pieces locked up the entire game, and his endgame technique shows a maturity to his play uncharacteristic of a player his age, no matter how strong. It’s an instructive and lively game worth checking out.

Thursday, October 13 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Instructive Battle in the Accelerated Dragon sideline with Bc4,d3 Plan for White (strategy)
A lot of Accelerated Dragon club players face the annoying Bc4,d3 setup at some point. GM Perelshteyn shows you the antidote using his recent game. Watch and learn how to effectively neutralize White’s attack with a bonus TN improvement for Black!

Friday, October 14 IM David Vigorito Never Relax Against Anyone (middlegame)
In this game I easily reach a winning position after my opponent’s groveling straight from the opening. A pawn up with a better position, the win is all but assured. It only takes a couple of relaxed moves however, and the board burst into flames. So we will see how to avoid such accidents, and how to fight when slipping into trouble.