New Chess Videos for October 17 – 21

Monday, October 17 IM Valeri Lilov Attacking Chess: Bringing Pieces (middlegame)
The key to being successful when attacking has always been the ability to bring more pieces in. How to do this timely and successful is the topic of IM Lilov’s new lecture. Tune in and learn from the new lecture on attacking chess!

Tuesday, October 18 IM Bill Paschall Battles from Baku, Part 1 (opening, middlegame)
The following game took place in the 2016 Chess Olympiad in Baku, during a critical test for the Indian team against England. The young GM Sethuraman plays the Scotch game and play is standard until GM Short plays the creative , but objectively dubious 7…h5, breaking from fundamental principles. Black clearly wishes to play aggressively for the win, but ends up with serious problems due to his exposed queen and lost time. White plays well, until one slip with 15.e6 ?! which gives GM Short some practical counter-chances. Despite the black queen being pushed to the edge of the board on h8 in the middlegame, white must be accurate and finally achieves victory in the end due to his superior king safety, and an amazing display of the power of centralization!

Wednesday, October 19 FM Dennis Monokroussos The Power of Regrouping (endgame)
In 1974 Anatoly Karpov had a big obstacle on the way to a hoped-for world championship match against Bobby Fischer; namely, ex-champion Boris Spassky, who seemed to be in very good form. After five games the match was even, and although Karpov was already the higher-rated player Spassky’s experience looked to compensate for his opponent’s youth. Game 6 was crucial. Spassky got nothing from the opening, but then decided to sharpen a level position by creating a passed pawn that could prove to be a strength or a weakness, depending on who handled the position better. At a key moment Karpov found a brilliant regrouping idea, and although Spassky should have saved the game the trend in Karpov’s favor carried him to an impressive victory in the game, and ultimately in the match.

Thursday, October 20 GM Leonid Kritz Nakamura’s Style (tactics)
Another game in which Nakamura shows that certain variations just shouldn’t be played against him. In this sharp line he outplays his opponent in just 28 moves. Black did not understand all the subtleties of the opening and was destroyed in best traditions of tactical play.

Friday, October 21 GM Eugene Perelshteyn What Happens When You Forget To Develop One Piece or The c8 Bishop Blues
Black tries to go for the Hedgehog setup vs the Nimzo g3 but forgets to develop the c8 bishop. Watch and learn an instructive way to punish Black for lack of development. He’s always one move behind and finally when he opens up the game, the tactics are not in his favor. Try to find the winning combination!