New Chess Videos for September 1 – 5

Monday, Sept 1 IM Valeri Lilov Development vs. Material (openings, middlegame) What is more important: Getting a faster development or winning material? This question is very basic and yet, answering it isn’t simple. Find out the answer by checking IM Lilov’s new lecture!

Tuesday, Sept. 2 IM Bill Paschall An Instructive Grunfeld from Biel (middlegame)

Wednesday, Sept. 3 FM Dennis Monokroussos Battle of Imbalances (strategy) Much of positional play is about imbalances, and in this game they were present in spades. Yannick Pelletier had two knights against two bishops, and had a damaged pawn structure as well. On the other hand, he enjoyed significant pluses both in space and development. As a result, Black needed to play quietly for a while, aiming to keep things under control. This may seem strange, as most of us have imbibed the notion that bishops want an open board while knights want things closed. Ultimately, that’s true, but just because it’s the aim it doesn’t mean that the side with bishops should open the board no matter what. In this game Yusupov opened the position too fast, and as a result his sufferings were increased – and without obtaining any counterplay to compensate. Pelletier won in good style, and his knights were the dominant pieces!

Thursday, Sept. 4 LM Dana Mackenzie Checkmate in the Endgame Part 2 (endgame) In a tense, multiple-piece endgame, Black “plays for three results” — that is, trying to win but at the cost of risking a draw or loss — with catastrophic results. Applebaum, as White, plays a couple of ingenious moves to set up a mating net, while Black (Mackenzie) — who could have escaped — seems unaware of the danger until too late.

Friday, Sept. 5 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Positional Squeeze vs. the Pirc Defense (openings, strategy) Instructive way to handle the annoying Pirc. Key ideas to remember: 1) Meet …a6 or …c6 with a4! 2) Secure e3 square with an early h3 3) Always take on e5 to block the g7 bishop.

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