New Chess Videos for May 15 -19

Monday, May 15 IM Valeri Lilov Initiative and Pressure (strategy)
The concepts of initiative and pressure are well known and appreciated by all experienced players. In fact, most strong players understand the keys to an effective attack by combining these two in their planning. In this lecture, IM Lilov is going to shed some new light in how these two principles work together effectively.

Tuesday, May 16 IM Bill Paschall The Young Nimzovich, Part 2 (middlegame, endgame)

The young Nimzovich shows a very mature understanding , playing in this case 1.d4 just as well as his usual King’s Pawn game. The main impression is of a player with a modern understanding of the opening, and possessing tremendous endgame technique. Here he dispatches the experienced veteran and World Championship challenger Chigorin quite handily.

Wednesday, May 17 FM Dennis Monokroussos When Grandmasters are Underdogs (tactics)
Alexander Tolush (1910-1969) was a fine player in his own right – a grandmaster and one of Boris Spassky’s mentors on the latter’s way to the world championship. But compared to a legend like Mikhail Botvinnik, Tolush was very much an underdog this 1944 game against the “Patriarch” of Soviet chess. Sometimes underdogs play scared or at least with “proper” respect and reverence. Tolush did no such thing in this game, staying true to his sharp, swashbuckling style, and he defeated his great opponent in a wild, imperfect game. Both sides made mistakes, but as Tolush managed to drag Botvinnik into the kind of messy position he (Tolush) thrived on, it gave him his best chance to win, and he did.

Thursday, May 18 GM Eugene Perelshteyn Cool Tactics in the Maroczy Bind Endgame 9.Bg5 (openings)
Are you an Accelerated Dragon player and dreading facing the Maroczy Bind? Then watch this video with exciting original analysis by GM Perelshteyn. Don’t be afraid of sacrificing the pawn on e7! As a matter-of-fact White has to play only moves to stay in the game!

Friday, May 19 GM Bryan Smith Beating the Alekhine Defense, Part 1 – Alburt Variation (tactics)
This four part series shows how to fight against the tricky Alekhine Defense using the classical 4.Nf3 move. Part one deals with how to meet the variation with 4…g6, which was made popular by Alekhine Defense legends such as Lev Alburt.