New Chess Videos for November 6 – 10

Monday, November 6 IM Valeri Lilov The Power of Buildup (strategy, middlegame)
Vishy Anand is one of the strongest dynamic chess players in the world. In all his past and present games, we can easily realize a strong buildup that help him to adapt his strategy as successfully as possible. Check out IM Lilov’s lecture to learn about Anand’s domination in strategic play!

Tuesday, November 7 IM Bill Paschall Exciting Clashes from the 2017 World Cup, Part 1 (opening, tactics)
Levon Aronian dominated the 2017 World Cup in Tbilisi, Georgia. In this series we witness some of the best battles from the event, with commentary and key insights from this exciting knockout event.

Wednesday, November 8 FM Dennis Monokroussos Small Differences Can Make Big Differences (tactics)
Petroff’s Defense can lead to quiet positions, but not always. In this game from the 2017 Isle of Man, an isolated d-pawn middlegame arose, but one in which Black had a c-pawn rather than an e-pawn. Anna Zatonskih prepared a relatively rare line with Black, and in the main variation of that line Black deals with pressure against h7 by playing …h6, not …g6. Nils Grandelius pressured h7 in a slightly different way, and Zatonskih should have adapted and played …g6 rather than …h6. When she didn’t…well, see for yourself.

Thursday, November 9 GM Leonid Kritz Dangerous Looking Italian (tactics)
In this game White chose to play an attractive plan with early d4 in the Italian Game and quickly got a position that looked very dangerous to Black, with pawns at e5 and d5. However, in reality it turned out that Black is absolutely safe and may even fight for some advantage. Good to know how to react to such unjustified activity by White.

Friday, November 10 GM Eugene Perelshteyn The Deadly Bishop on g7: How to Attack in the Grunfeld (opening, tactics)
GM Perelshteyn faces the f3 line of the Grunfeld for the first time, yet he’s not afraid to face the attack head-on. Watch and learn how the dormant bishop on g7 comes alive and wreaks havoc on White’s position. Can you solve the tricky tactic in the end that wins on the spot?