New Chess Videos for October 30 – November 3

Monday, October 30 IM Valeri Lilov Aronian Exploits Weaknesses (strategy)
Exploiting a weakness has always been challenging for most chess players. While it’s not so hard to spot a weakness (piece, square, etc.), many players simply don’t know the correct approach to creating and exploiting it. One of the best modern Grandmasters, Levon Aronian recently showed us one of the most effective ways to exploit weaknesses in a positional manner.

Tuesday, October 31 IM Bill Paschall A New Idea for Black in the Grunfeld Stockholm Variation, Part 3 (opening)
In part three, we round out the series with a dynamic winning attempt for Black in the main line. Zhigalko was unlucky, but the idea looks good and Black was headed in the right direction in our main line with 4…c5 against the 4.Bg5 Grunfeld. In this video, we also see a general summary of the lesser alternatives white could play in addition to 5.Bxf6.

Wednesday, November 1 FM Dennis Monokroussos An Old Dog’s Old Tricks Can Be Good Enough (tactics)
James Tarjan was a strong GM more than 30 years ago, when he retired from the game. After a 30-year-layoff he returned to chess in 2014, and at the 2017 Isle of Masters had the best result since his comeback, and at least one of the best results of his career. The highlight, at least from a ratings point of view, was his round 3 win over Vladimir Kramnik. Kramnik was outplaying him, bit by bit, but Tarjan showed great resilience in defense. In particular, he demonstrated consistent skill in prophylaxis, always trying to determine what Kramnik was up to, and finding direct and indirect ways to prevent it. That includes the trap that won him the game. Inspiration for all of us underdogs!

Thursday, November 2 IM David Vigorito Giving Up a Successful Opening (opening, middlegame)
Facing the Averbakh Variation of the King’s Indian, I play a tricky line that I have had a lot of success with. During the game however, I gradually change my mind as to the value of the line. We reach a position where I had no idea what to do if White did…nothing! Fortunately White decided to create some play, which although not bad at all, game me some scope to try to win. So despite my 4/4 score in the line, I think it is time to move on!

Friday, November 3 GM Bryan Smith 6.h3 Against the Najdorf, Part 2 (tactics)
In Part 2 of the series on his recent experiences with and against 6.h3 in the Najdorf, GM Smith covers a game where Black played the current main line, 6.h3 e5 7.Nde2 h5.