New Chess Videos for September 11 – 15

Monday, September 11 IM Valeri Lilov The Formula of Speed (middlegame, strategy)
The concept of speed appears in the game of every chess player. Often considering it vaguely, we misinterpret its value and let the opponent get ahead with his attack and outplay us. In this lecture, IM Lilov will try to shed some light on how we can determine the speed in our own games!

Tuesday, September 12 IM Bill Paschall The Rise of the Italian Game, Part 2 (opening, strategy)
Radjabov faces the Two Knights setup with 4…h6, a variation where Black will set up in King’s Indian style. In this game, we follow a typical move order until the interesting sequence of 10. Kh8 and 11.a4. Black prepares a kingside attack and white takes space on the queenside. White uses the exchange 15.dxe5 to simplify the game and Black fails to trade knights, which would ease his cramp. In the resulting position, white induces the weakening c5, takes control of the d5 square and later exploits Black’s pawn weaknesses. Black’s counterattack is too little and too late.

Wednesday, September 13 FM Dennis Monokrousos Another Attacking Gem Against the 3.f3 Anti-Gruenfeld (openings, strategy)
This game should be seen in conjunction with the spectacular Najer-Mamedyarov game covered approximately seven shows ago (“Mamedyarov Wins an Instant Classic”). After the same transformation of openings resulted in a Modern Benoni, Black once again succeeded with dynamic play in creating a dangerous attack against White’s king. As in the game covered in the earlier show, imaginative, energetic, sacrificial play did the trick. If you’re looking for an approach against the 3.f3 Anti-Gruenfeld line, this may be just the thing for you.

Thursday, September 14 IM David Vigorito Blood from a Stone (endgame)
A half point behind in the last round, only a win will suffice. My familiar opponent plays rock-solid however, and the game is looking to head for a draw. This game is as much about managing the situation as it is about the moves. Nerves and technique play as big a part as tactics and calculation would in many games. Find the double exclam ‘nothing move’ that essentially won the game!

Friday, September 15 GM Bryan Smith Striking Counterattack by Sevian (tactics)
In this fantastic game, a sharp attack by famed attacker Alexei Shirov is refuted in a shocking way by young talent Samuel Sevian. After an inaccuracy Shirov is back in the game, but a final mistake leads to a thrilling king hunt.