New Chess Videos for September 4 – 8

Monday, September 4 IM Valeri Lilov The Opening Trouble (strategy, opening)
Many chess players consider it difficult to prove the opponent’s delay in development a failure. This is mostly due to the fact that many chess players are not aware of the right guidelines they should follow when exploiting the opponent’s mistakes. Check out IM Lilov’s lecture to learn more!

Tuesday, September 5 IM Bill Paschall Petrosian on the King’s Indian Attack, Part 5 (opening, strategy)
Petrosian and Barcza transpose from a Sicilian move order to a King’s Indian Attack vs the French Defense. In this game, white gains a space advantage and begins to have threats on the kingside. Black breaks with the risky 25…f6 and the result is a position containing serious pawn weaknesses. Petrosian relies on piece coordination, better pawn structure and king safety to win

Wednesday, September 6 FM Dennis Monokrousos Sutovsky Smashes a Sicilian Sideline (opening, tactics)
Emil Sutovsky is a great attacking player, and while he was surprised in the opening by Anton Korobov’s unusual 5…Nbd7, any subsequent surprises – at least those of an unpleasant sort – were experienced by Black, not White. Sutovsky won a sparkling miniature on the way to taking first place in this year’s strong Karpov Poikovsky tournament.

Thursday, September 7 GM Leonid Kritz An Interesting Idea in the Najdorf (tactics)
An important theoretical idea played by Ponomariov in a famous Najdorf line. White is not afraid of opening the files on the queen side where his king is located, and attempts to put Black under strategic pressure. A very positional game with an unexpected end.

Friday, September 8 GM Eugene Perelshteyn A New Idea in the Qc2 Nimzo for White (opening, strategy, tactics)
In this game White introduces a new idea in the Qc2 Nimzo and Black tries to refute it over the board.  The game becomes pretty sharp quickly!  Are you able to see all the tactics and answer all the questions?  If so, you will win a nice miniature!