New DVD Creative Opening Concepts by IM Bill Paschall

Creative Opening Concepts by IM Bill Paschall

Creative Opening Concepts

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Presented by International Master Bill Paschall for

Bill explains opening concepts in abstract and then shows several concrete examples of new ways to apply openings to keep your opponent on edge. Bill also discusses his philosophy on creative openings and how to look for new material to add to your own personal arsenal.

Content: 133 minutes of chess theory and discussion, with example games, over a series of 4 lectures.

Members of rated this series a 4.38 out of 5

Fans on said: It’s hard to imagine a better video on the subject, or a more spirited/charismatic presentation. Thanks esp. for pointing out the possibility to transpose to a “good” French or Sicilian in certain lines.

IM Bill Paschall: currently resides in Budapest, Hungary. Bill was the Boylston Chess Club Champion 2002, finished 1st at the Foxwoods Open 2002, Two-Time New England Open Champion, and has defeated more than 20 IGM’s in tournament play. Bill has extensive experience training both adults and children privately and in the schools.


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