New DVD Endgame Pointers, Positions and Problem Solving by IM David Vigorito

Endgame Pointers, Positions and Problem Solving

Endgames Pointers, Position and problem solvingby IM David Vigorito More

  Recommended for Beginner – Intermediate Players

It’s often difficult to put your opponent away in the end game. David gives you tips on what to think about, and brings to light the psychological as well as tactical advantages you can bring to play. Bonus: En passant, stalemate and pawn promotion all of which are endgame tools explained.

Content: 79 minutes of instruction and analysis in a series of 3 lectures.

Members of rated this series a 4.22 out of 5 ECO N/A   PGN included

IM David Vigorito is the 2007 Massachusetts Champion and has been the state champion of New Hampshire and Nevada. USCF rated at 2479, David was the Champion of the Boylston (Boston) Chess Club. He played in the 2006 U.S. Championship after finishing in a tie for 3rd place at the U.S. Open in Phoenix. David is a successful chess author – his Challenging the Nimzo-Indian is very well received by critics and players alike. Four Lectures New in Box and Just Released! Founded in 2005 is the largest professional quality chess instructional video library in the world. Our lectures are created and presented by Grand Masters, International Masters and National Masters and contain excellent instruction by experienced player educators for the chess enthusiast.


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