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Studies in: The Dutch Defense

by The Masters of ChessLecture

Recommended for Intermediate –Advanced Players  MORE

Content: 2.4 hours of instruction and analysis in a series of 6 lectures.

With GM Jesse Kraai, GM Eugene Perelshteyn, IM John-Paul Wallace, LM Dana Mackenzie, and IM David Vigorito.

The Dutch Defense was employed regularly in the past by Alekhine, Larsen, Morphy and Najdorf. The high-water mark for the Defense occurred in 1951, when both Mikhail Botvinnik, the world champion, and his challenger, David Bronstein, played it in their World Championship match. Not found as often in modern games, but regularly used successfully by GM Hikura Nakamura.

Members of rated this series a 4.48 out of 5

ECO A80, A88, A85     PGN included

Fans on said: Very clear and concise lecture. I not only learned how to play against this structure of the Dutch but also received side lectures on when to give up the bishop pair, the right moment to open up the position, and above all, a tactical motive to burn into memory.


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