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The Best of Reshevsky

By IM Bill Paschall

The Best of Reshevsky F

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   Presented by International Master Bill Paschall for ChessLecture.com

   For those of you that are D4 players Bill says studying Reshevsky is a must!

       Samuel “Sammy” Herman Reshevsky (born Szmul Rzeszewski; November 26, 1911 –     April 4, 1992) a chess prodigy that grew into a leading American Grandmaster.  


Rshevsky was a strong contender for the World Chess Championship from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s: he came equal third in the 1948 World Chess Championship tournament and equal second in the 1953 Candidates Tournament. He was an eight-time winner of the U.S. Chess Championship. An outstanding match player throughout his career, Reshevsky excelled at positional play, and could be a brilliant tactician when required. He took a long time over his opening moves, and often found himself under time pressure – but this sometimes unsettled his opponent more than it did Reshevsky. Reshevsky was an accountant, and a well-regarded chess writer.

Content: 2.5 hours of instruction and analysis in a series of 4 lectures.

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IM Bill Paschall currently resides in Budapest, Hungary. Bill was the Boylston Chess Club Champion 2002, finished 1st at the Foxwoods Open 2002, Three-Time New England Open Champion, and has defeated more than 20 IGM’s in tournament play. Bill has extensive experience training both adults and children privately and in the schools.


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