New Chess Video Lectures for January 13 to January 17

This Week’s Lectures

Monday Jan 13 IM Valeri Lilov Steps to a Positional Sacrifice (Intermediate, Strategy)

Tuesday Jan 14 IM Bill Paschall An Exciting Game from the London Chess Classic (Intermediate, Middlegame)
In this instructive game from the 2013 London Chess Classic, underdog GM Gawain Jones illustrates the importance of avoiding simplification when you hold a spacial advantage. GM Gelfand plays too routinely in a “harmless looking” position. Although the opening is not of any serious danger for black, it is always necessary to be careful with positions in which the opponent has a potential kingside attack. Jones whirls up an attack out of seemingly thin air.

Wednesday Jan 15 FM Dennis Monokroussos Capablanca the Prodigy (Intermediate, Middlegame)
Nowadays child chess prodigies are relatively common. There are lots of trainers, and between powerful chess engines and the internet even players from improbable geographical locations have access to great information and the chance to develop quickly. This is a relatively recent phenomenon, however, and that makes the prodigies of the past, like Cuban great Jose Raul Capablanca, all the more amazing. He became the Cuban champion when he was just 13 years of age, and seeing his play in this game against his strong and experienced opponent shows that he had real skill; it wasn’t a case of being a one-eyed king in the land of the blind. The game isn’t just impressive, though; it’s entertaining and of theoretical interest as well, even 112 years later!

Thursday Jan 16 IM Bryan Smith My Final GM Norm, Part 3 (Intermediate, Openings, Tactics, Middlegame)
In the Michigan Fall Festival, Chesslecture video author Bryan Smith got his final norm for the grandmaster title. In this series he shows some of the games from that tournament – part 3 covers his wild draw with GM Anton Kovalyov from the seventh round.

Friday Jan 17 IM David Vigorito Opening Trends: Anti-Grunfeld, Part 2 (Intermediate, Openings, Strategy)

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