New Chess Videos for August 11-15

Monday, August 11 IM David Vigorito Beating the Berlin (openings, tactics, endgame)
In this game Magnus Carlsen suffers his first loss as World Champion. Few have been willing to take him on in the notorious Berlin endgame, but Caruana is confident and takes advantage of the champ’s careless play and brings home the point with careful technique.

Tuesday, August 12, IM Bill Paschall A New Concept Against the Slav: The Teglas/Paschall Gambit (openings, strategy)
In this lecture, Part 1, IM Paschall introduces a new Gambit Concept for use against the ever popular Slav Defense.

Wednesday, August 13 FM Dennis Monokroussos Blitz Miniatures from Dubai: White Wins (tactics)
Every now and then it’s fun to see great players lose quickly. It’s not so much the schadenfreude, though that’s part of the story, but it’s encouraging in several ways. We see that they’re human too, so we’re better able to forgive our own follies while realizing that under the right conditions, we might be able to beat much stronger players. Errare humanum est! Further, when an elite player loses quickly the cause is often instructive and worthy of our attention. Finally, these games are simply entertaining. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 14 GM Leonid Kritz  A Game That Determined the Super Tournament Winner

Friday, August 15 GM Eugene Perelshteyn  Thematic Maroczy Bind Endgame: How to Use the c5 Outpost (endgame)
Instructive way to handle the Maroczy bind endgame. Watch how Black takes advantage of the output of c5 to fix White’s pawn structure on the kingside. Then, with a quick switch to the f4 output, Black starts the attack on the kingside. Well played game but spoiler alert…Black missed a key move and threw away the win at the end!

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