New DVD The Reti for White by GM Eugene Perelshteyn

The Reti for White

by GM Eugene Perelshteyn 

The Reti for White F  Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced Players

Presented by International Grandmaster Eugene Perelshtyen for

The Réti Opening is a hypermodern chess opening whose traditional or classic method begins with the moves: 1. Nf3 d5, 2. c4 Named after Richard Réti (1889–1929), an untitled Grandmaster from Czechoslovakia, this opening is in the spirit of the hypermodernism movement that Réti championed, with the center being dominated by counter attacks from the flanks.

In this DVD Eugene demonstrates two interesting lines for white in the Reti and then gives us an example of the Reti in action with his best game in the 2008 Spice cup.

Content: 87 Minutes of chess theory and discussion, in a series of 3 lectures. ECO: A04, A05

Members of rated this series a 4.58 out of 5

Fans on said: An excellent, insightful lecture. Thanks pure sweetness. I like these flexible openings, as i am a beginner player. This is great! Thanks and well done.

GM Eugene Perelshtyen earned his third GM norm after sharing first place in the 2006 Foxwoods Open, giving him the official GM title. He won the Samford Chess Fellowship in 2002, an award that amounts to $64,000, which is awarded to the top American player under 25 years old. Eugene also led the University of Maryland, Baltimore County to several Pan American championships from 1998-2002. Eugene also won the highly prestigious US Junior Championship in 2000. Eugene recently co-authored the books Chess Openings for Black, Explained and Chess Openings for White, Explained.


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