New Chess Videos for August 18 – 22

IM Valeri Lilov Center vs. Active Pieces (strategy, annotated games)
What is more relevant: Get a better piece coordination or gain space by controlling the center? This key question is quite complex as both of these are quite important, each in its specific way. Find out how to evaluate them in IM Lilov’s lecture!

IM Bill Paschall A New Concept Against the Slav: Sidelines (openings, strategy)
In part two of this series, IM Paschall rounds out his interesting line against the Slav with the sidelines against the Paschall-Teglas Gambit (4.Qc2) where black declines to keep the offered pawn. The play is not as sharp as in part one, but white must be prepared for the various continuations which black can try.

FM Dennis Monokroussos Blitz Miniatures from Dubai: Black Wins (tactics)
Every now and then it’s fun to see great players lose quickly. It’s not so much the schadenfreude, though that’s part of the story, but it’s encouraging in several ways. We see that they’re human too, so we’re better able to forgive our own follies while realizing that under the right conditions, we might be able to beat much stronger players. Errare humanum est! Further, when an elite player loses quickly the cause is often instructive and worthy of our attention. Finally, these games are simply entertaining. Enjoy!

GM Eugene Perelshteyn Instructive Game in the Nimzo Qc2: How to Neutralize the Bishop Pair
In a rare Nimzo Qc2 line, Black goes for the Bogo-like plan of trading his dark square bishop on c3, followed by d6, e5 push. White gets the bishop pair and space, while Black uses quick development to execute a King’s Indian …f5 push. Watch how the battle unfolds with a key maneuver to neutralize the bishop pair: Nd7-b6-a4!

IM David Vigorito Can’t Take Anyone Too Lightly (openings, endgame)
One must play well to win, even against a much lower rated player. In this game I have White against a player a few hundred points lower rated and I quickly find myself in a position that requires a lot of precision just to keep the game alive. It is important to recognize certain critical moments before they pass by. As always, the details are very important.

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