New Chess Videos for June 2 – June 6

Monday, June 2, IM Valeri Lilov Petrosian’s Secret (strategy, middlegame)
He was nicknamed “Iron Tigran” due to his almost impenetrable playing style, which emphasized safety above all else. He was the king of closed positions and a brilliant positional player at the same time. The ninth World Champion, Tigran Petrosian is an amazing figure in the history of chess. His profound understanding of strategy and “sense of danger” helped him to achieve incredible results against some of the best Soviet Grandmasters in the 1960’s. What was his secret? Check out IM Valeri Lilov’s new video where he tries to uncover the secret of one of the greatest champions of all time!

Tuesday, June 3 IM David Vigorito Epic Battle Versus Student (opening, endgame)
Here I use an unusual but fashionable line against my own favorite opening. I get a nice advantage but my opponent defends sensibly. An interesting endgame follows and I am able to emerge victorious in study-like fashion.

Wednesday, June 4 FM Dennis Monokroussos Simple and Cynical Simplification (tactics)
One of the most important tools for winning a won game is simplification. Most if not all of us know that, but we may underestimate this tool. Sometimes it’s worth returning extra material or giving up other advantages in order to reach a simpler position, as long as it’s more easily won.

Thursday, June 5 IM Bill Paschall The Not-So-Solid Caro-Kann (opening, tactics)

Friday, June 6 GM Bryan Smith The Best of Lone Pine 1979, Part 6 (middlegame, tactics)

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