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An Anti-Sicilian Line- b3 before d4An Anti-Sicilian Line: b3 before d4

By FM Dennis Monokroussos


Recommended for Intermediate Players                                 

Presented by FIDE Master Dennis Monokroussos for ChessLecture.com

25 % of all club level games begin with the Sicilian and 17% of all grandmaster games begin with the Sicilian. Dennis gives you tools for dealing with the Sicilian, an essential skill for every serious chess player. More

Content: 87 minutes of instruction and analysis in a series of 3 concise lectures.

ECO: B40, B50    PGN Files Included

Members of ChessLecture.com rated this series a 4.6 out of 5

Fans on Chesslecture.com said: Thanks Dennis. Finally!! Great stuff!

FM Dennis Monokroussos is a 3 time Nevada State Champion and won the Indiana State Championship in 2009. Dennis has taught philosophy at several universities including the University of Notre Dame. Dennis currently works as a chess coach for both children and adults both in person and over the internet. He can be contacted through his blog.


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