New Chess Videos for June 23 – June 27

Monday, June 23 IM Valeri Lilov  What is the Key of a Successful Attack? (strategy, middlegame)
In most of their games, chess players try to plan an attack. Planning and executing an attack successfully are two very different things and that’s why many players tend to fail during the actual execution of their attack. What is the key to a successful attack and how do we make sure that our opponent won’t get to us faster? Check out IM Lilov’s latest video to learn more!

Tuesday, June 24 IM Bill Paschall A Look at the US Championship 2014: Winning with No Openings (middlegame, strategy)
Employing one of his unassuming setups with white, Kamsky avoids a theoretical game while displaying his determination, alertness and technique. Erenburg shows why it is that simple routine moves are not good enough. Black misses several opportunities to at least achieve equality and misses every chance. Kamsky does not give second chances.

Wednesday, June 25 FM Dennis Monokroussos The Wash-and-Wear Giuoco Piano (openings)
Some opening lines are theoretically intensive; others allow a bit more flexibility and less precision. The Italian lines where White plays 4.d3 (to which this game transposed) generally fall into the latter camp. That’s not to say that there aren’t any finesses – there are – but what needs to be understood is much more manageable than it is in a sharp Sicilian or Semi-Slav. In this game Tiviakov made a string of very simple-looking moves, with only one small finesse: he refrained from castling kingside. Black played a series of natural moves, but quickly found himself in a very difficult position – White’s kingside attack was natural and powerful. If you’re looking forward to a relatively uncomplicated way to meet 1.e4 e5, Tiviakov’s approach may be just what you’re looking for.

Thursday, June 26 GM Bryan Smith Fighting the Quiet D-Pawn Openings: The London System (openings, strategy)
In the second part of this series, which covers how to get a fighting game against the London Attack, we see a sharp and exciting game by Viktor Kortschnoj.

Friday, June 27 GM Eugene Perelshteyn  An Instructive Miniature on King Safety (middlegame)
White chooses a dubious plan to open up his king with h3,g4,g5 in the Bogo and gets punished with a swift attack by Black.

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