New Chess Videos for June 30 – July 4

Monday, June 30 IM Valeri Lilov The Early Attacks (strategy, opening)
Many players wonder if it’s possible to make early attacks and if so, when are they successful. The answer of that question may be difficult as the early attacks are kind of forbidden by the rules of strategy and especially the one suggesting “Don’t engage any attack or complications before you complete your whole piece development”. Nevertheless, every once in a while it’s actually possible to begin an early attack. When? Check out IM Valeri Lilov’s latest lecture to find the answer!

Tuesday, July 1 IM Bill Paschall A Modern Take on Nimzovich Against the French (openings, strategy)

Wednesday, July 2 FM Dennis Monokroussos  Tal the Brilliant Blitzer
Mikhail Tal was an attacking genius, and especially in his early years he took the chess world by storm. His play was unlike anything they had seen in modern times, and they were unable to cope with the furious energy and creativity of his play. So great was his gift that even in blitz games, like the one we’ll see here, he could create something deep and
beautiful, something more than 99.9% of all chess players would be proud to play in a tournament game. Here Tal is on the black side of a King’s Indian and overwhelms his opponent with a series of sacrifices in the seemingly safe Saemisch.

Thursday, July 3 IM David Vigorito  A Beginner’s Move Come to Life (opening)
In a well known Queen’s Gambit Accepted, Black makes a “beginner’s move” with …b5 to hold onto the c4-gambit pawn. He is not so naďve, however, as he has actually prepared a positional exchange sacrifice. Only further testing will determine the correctness of Black’s idea, but in this game is worked out very well.

Friday, July 4 GM Eugene Perelshteyn  How the Sicilian May Transpose Into the Ruy Lopez (opening)
An interesting Sicilian sideline results in Ruy Lopez type of structure where White executes a key idea Nd2-c4-e3 followed up by pressure against the weak d6 pawn. After several inaccuracies in the middlegame by Black, White improves his position with Rd4,b4,Red1,Bb3 plan and wins a nice tactic in the center!

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