New Chess Videos for October 20- 24

Monday, October 20 IM Valeri Lilov Dynamic Factors by Morozevich (middlegame)
While we can certainly say that positional chess and planning is critical, many games are lost when the game becomes more tactical or complex. Check out IM Lilov’s latest video to learn how to handle these positions successfully!

Tuesday, October 21 IM Bill Paschall Moro Imitates Steinitz (middlegame, strategy)
Best known perhaps as the modern Chigorin, Alexander Morozevich this time imitates one of the greatest masters of all time, the former World Champion, Wilhelm Steinitz. We see the similarity here on two levels. Firstly, Moro’s choice of the Cozio Defense, which is distinctly early 19th century, and would no doubt appeal to Steinitz, who made a living playing solid but rather stodgy defenses to the Ruy Lopez. Secondly, we see Morozevich display his understanding of the value of the bishop pair in a position when it opens up. Steinitz also had a strong predilection for the bishop pair. This game sees the black bishops show incredible power in the middlegame and ending. All this somewhat ironic , as Morozevich initially burst on the scene with a great love for closed positions and the pair of knights! The modern Morozevich is very in tune with the spirit of Steinitz!

Wednesday, October 22 FM Dennis Monokroussos The Furious Attacking Reti?! (opening, tactics)
The Reti Opening isn’t exactly synonymous with ferocious attacking play, but chess is a complicated game! Just one little spark can be enough to set the board on fire, especially when a brilliant tactician and attacker like Alexander Grischuk is involved. In this recent game from the European Club Cup Grischuk seizes the initiative early, and with 12.f3 and 13.Rxf3 commits himself fully to the attack. His opponent, Maxim Rodshtein, is a great player – almost 2700 – but he is quickly consumed by the flames. If you ever wondered what was meant by the metaphor “he played with great energy”, Grischuk’s play in this game will give you the answer.

Thursday, October 23 GM Leonid Kritz Rare Opening Lines Lead to Success (opening, strategy)
Kramnik versus Topalov is one of the most interesting rivalries in today’s chess. These opponents don’t shake hands and their games are always of special character. In this game Kramnik plays a system that seems to be not ambitious, but he gets into a position in which he feels more comfortable than his opponent and penalizes Topalov for his miscalculations.

Friday, October 24 IM David Vigorito Veteran vs Prodigy (middlegame, tactics)
The experienced IM Jim Rizzitano faces off against a very young IM, Samuel Sevian. The veteran manages to steer the game into a middlegame where his vast experience proves to be too much for the higher rated prodigy and it is the older player who dazzles with a tactical display leading to a decisive material advantage.

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