New DVD Studies on The Middlegame by GM Kraai and GM Perelshetyn

                    Studies on The Middlegame

Studies on The Middlegameby GM Kraai and GM Perelshteyn 

Recommended for Intermediate – Advanced Players  More

Content: 1.5 of instruction and analysis in a series of 4 lectures.

Large material gains can end a game while it is still in the Middlegame. Here GM Kraai and GM Perelshteyn explore middle game decision making and planning to shape the end game with their own games as example.

Members of rated this series a 4.48 out of 5

ECO E32, A48, D31, D30    PGN included

Fans on said: This was a fantastic positional lecture. I appreciate how Eugene brought us inside his thought process at several points, it really is educational to see how organized and focused his planning is. opened in 2005, ChessLecture is the worlds largest video archive of Chess Instructional videos. With more then 2300 videos, our members can research topics on chess to their hearts content. 5 new videos added weekly by our top not proven masters and educators.



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